Corporate Development in International Competition Division

The experts in the Corporate Development in International Competition division are strategic partners of German and European companies working in internationalized markets. The business-driven market services grouped in this working area have been developed for companies that have to cope with particular demands as part of internationalization processes. The Fraunhofer specialists in this working area use their expertise to support companies in opening up new markets, selecting and developing suitable sites, assimilating knowledge and ideas and incorporating them in the company, implementing new products and services and developing the staff required for this.

Team of Experts of the Corporate Development in International Competition Division


Business Models: Engineering and Innovation Unit


Price and Service Management Unit


Professional Development and Competence Management Unit


Regional Positioning and Location Development Unit


Research and Business Accelerator Unit

Selected projects in the annual reports of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams contributions provide a compact overview of the institute's projects, product, subject and research focuses.