Meta-project in the pilot phase of the promotional key area “Vocational training export by German providers”: driving and inhibiting factors

The promotional key area “Vocational training export by German providers” of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supported a limited number of collaborative projects with the goal of facilitating the internationalization of German vocational training services. The focus of the promoted development activities was on developing and testing approaches by which obstacles to export could be overcome. This was carried out with the goal of increasing success factors and allowing for options to be discerned in the target regions for creating a sustainable implementation of German professional training and further education.

With a meta-project in the pilot phase, the Fraunhofer MOEZ took on an academic support role and explored the extent to which the work of the groups could be additionally supported by means of accompanying analyses, as well as the extent to which the findings could be used to initiate new learning processes by means of the exchange of scientific and methodical standpoints. This contributed towards the networking of German vocational training services providers, as well as providing academic cooperation on the further development of the promotional key area of “Vocational training export by German providers”.