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Price and Service Management

We support companies with the challenges of price and service management on the basis of established and innovative approaches from applied research. We have the knowledge and the tools needed to raise the potential of companies in the topic areas of revenue and price modeling and “Servitization” – the transformation from producer to service-oriented solutions provider.

Marketing products and services – irrespective of whether they are innovative or already established on the market – means finding the optimum price and revenue model and supremely mastering the management of prices. As the pivotal driver of revenues, prices have a direct effect on profit. They determine the sustainability of companies and corporate success.

For providers, global competition increases the pricing pressure and the pressure to differentiate. Here companies are discovering the subject of “Servitization" – the transformation from producer to service-oriented solutions provider. The necessary high-quality service portfolio places great demands on the development and management competencies of the companies that we support in development and quality management.

Selected projects in the annual reports of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams' contributions provide a compact overview of the institute's projects and product, subject and research focuses.



Mittelstand 4.0 COmpetence Centre eStandards / 23.8.2018

Focus Group “Digital Transformation of Business Models“ with companies and influencers from Lusatia


Fraunhofer expert Dr. Marija Radic to present digital health project ATMoSPHÄRE at the XPOMET medical convention

As part of the interdisciplinary XPOMET© Convention, which takes place from 21 to 23 March in Leipzig and deals with digital health and high-tech medicine, Dr. Marija Radic, Deputy Head of the Division for Corporate Development in International Competition and Head of Unit for Price and Service Management at Fraunhofer IMW, will report on findings from the ATMoSPHÄRE project and other e-health research work.

Conference / 26/27 September 2017

Fraunhofer expert discusses e-health innovations at conference

Dr. Marija Radic, head of the Price and Service Management unit, speaks at "Digital Health" conference.  


Fraunhofer Allianz Big Data / 17.3.2017

Future workshop "Artificial intelligence for medical biosignal processing"


Round Table / 31.1.2017

Dr. Marija Radic attends kick-off of German-Swedish innovation partnership


Congress / 24.1.2017

e-Health project "ATMoSPHÄRE" at BMC Congress in Berlin


Digitalization roadmap / 16.11.2016

New edition of digitalization roadmap published

eHealth innovations presented at European healthcare IT industry meeting

How can technology help to overcome the current healthcare challenges? The project "ATMoSPHÄRE" (eHealth innovations for improving the quality of life of patients with multimorbidity) presented answers to this question at the leading healthcare IT industry trade fair "Connecting Healthcare IT" (conhIT), which took place from 19 to 21 April 2016 in Berlin.  


Dr. Marija Radić presents eHealth project at international healthcare forum


Prof. Dr. Dubravko Radić joins innovation prize jury "YouGov" 2016

Digital Music Project Aims to Improve Quality of Life for People with Dementia

Starting in 2016, the Price and Service Management unit will take part in developing the interactive music system project "NurMut". The Leipzig research group, led by Dr. Marija Radić, will create pricing models for the digital music platform in the context of costs and repayment options.


C³- Carbon Concrete Composite - Project Receives German Sustainability Award

Current Project

Joint Holistic Care Management Project 'ATMoSPHÄRE' Launches in Saxony

The joint project ATMoSPHÄRE * which was developed, tested and evaluated in the state of Saxony represents the integration of a medical IT platform with a comprehensive care management approach. The project's premise is that chronically ill, multimorbid and elderly patients should be facilitated in their quest to lead an independent life. To achieve this end, in the future medical, nursing and social services in the region and throughout Germany will be linked together via the newly developed platform.

The ATMoSPHÄRE joint project brings together a number of partners. These include the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Dresden, TUMAINI – the Institute for Prevention Management GmbH, the DRK Home Emergency and Assistance Services in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, GeriNet Leipzig, Vital Services GmbH, Philips Medical Systems – which also acts as the project coordinator, and the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig. The Fraunhofer Center's Price and Service Management Unit provides research and advice regarding ATMoSPHÄRE.'s user and market orientation. This plays a central role for the transferability and sustainability of the product.

ATMoSPHÄRE launched in Saxony in October 2015 under the funding code 13GW0075A. The project has received sponsorship of more than 3 million Euro from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the program "Transformational Medical Technologies with Multimorbidity" under the Federal Government 's Health Economics action field. Up until the end of 2018, it is expected some 700 patients will take part in the project.

* The project name ATMoSPHÄRE (a German acronym) represents the possibility for autonomy despite multimorbidity and old age through patient empowerment and holistic care that is enhanced by the networking of all regional institutions and service providers in the state of Saxony

Contact: Dr. Marija Radić