Digital technologies will have an impact on how companies generate revenues in the future. To ensure their long-term competitiveness, companies are well advised to rethink their business models and think about new digital products and services.

  •     How can new digitized and data-based business models and services be generated?
  •     How do you develop these and take into account the customer perspective?
  •     Which parts of the value chain should be digitized?
  •     What role do new technologies and electronic standards play in this?

The experts at Fraunhofer IMW and the Competence Center eStandards intesively discussed these topics and specific problems with company representatives from ABB, LEAG and other influencers from the Lusatia region as part of an all-day focus group. Together, they developed ideas for new digital and data-driven services. With keynote speeches and interactive workshops, the participants were able to get to know the best practices from different companies and sectors and systematically develop new approaches for the transformation of their business models with the help of methods from Fraunhofer IMW.

Feedback from the workshop participants:

“It was very important for us to see examples from other areas: how do other companies deal with the challenges of digital transformation, how can we use it in our company?”

“It made sense to see our problem from a different perspective, revise it with applicable methods and discuss it with new people in a different environment. We looked at aspects that we would not have considered on our own. That's very valuable.“