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Industrial Data Space e.V. established

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, sixteen commercial enterprises and ZVEI, Germany's main national electrical industry association, have founded a non-profit industrial data space focused organization in Berlin. The association aims to establish links between the research and the business communities in order to develop sustainable solutions; it intends to become involved in the design of the industrial data space architecture and a main hub for the collaboration with similar initiatives.

Big Data Center at Leipzig Fraunhofer Center

The worldwide volume of data doubles every two years. The currently available storage capacities will therefore be completely exhausted by 2020. Big Data offers solutions for this. The realization of a Big Data Center at the institute facilitates the large-scale storage and evaluation of digital data. This makes data analyses, simulations, real-time forecasts or visualizations a key element of innovative solutions for clients and research partners. 

Selected projects in the annual reports of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams' contributions provide a compact overview of the institute's projects and product, subject and research focuses.