Range of Services

Currently we implement our approach on the basis of the following applied research projects:

Goal: Optimization of local, collective recipient structures in Colombia and initiation of knowledge transfer in the field of public health.

Furthermore, we optimize related methods and insights on the basis of the following PhD projects:

  • Henrik Beermann: Leveraging Development: Successful Knowledge Transfer in the Bioeconomy; Goal: Optimizing knowledge transfer channels in the context of international cooperation.
  • Alireza Anzari: The Role of Intermediaries in the Iranian Innovation System; Goal: Analysis of the role of intermediaries on the functionality of the Iranian recipient structures.

Selected project in the annual report of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams' contribution provides a compact overview of the institute's projects and product, subject and research focuses.