DBU Special Representative in Central and Eastern Europe: At work between the Baltic States

Duration: February 2009 to February 2017

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German federal environment foundation – DBU) is counting on Fraunhofer Center Leipzig know-how. Since 2009, Claudia Domel, research associate at the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center, has been supporting the DBU as special representative for Central and Eastern Europe, assisting the DBU’s efforts in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern European partner countries.

Specifically, this means that the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig – as represented by Claudia Domel – assumes the scientific support of the DBU’s international funding strategies. Furthermore, Domel initiates projects with international partners on behalf of the DBU and oversees these. Additional responsibilities include the identification of potential DBU cooperation partners in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern European target countries as well as contact management and coordination with the appropriate ministries and public authorities in Germany and the partner countries. The aim of such work is to effectively facilitate the transfer of German environmental know-how and technologies to Central and Eastern Europe. Geographically speaking, Domel is responsible for a considerable region, from the Baltic States to the Balkans. Exempted are only Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia; these countries have their own special representative.

The DBU has made it its business to support environmental protection projects in special consideration of small and medium-sized companies. The foundation’s mission is sustainable development. Specifically, this means that the DBU advocates the development and use of innovative technologies and products that reduce environmental pollution, it protects and recovers natural heritage, and improves people’s ecological awareness through environmental education. The Fraunhofer Center Leipzig serves as cooperation partner of DBU involvement in Central and Eastern Europe due to its language and cultural competence for these countries. Moreover the staff at the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig can draw on broad experience in international projects.

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