Networks and transfer in international collaborations: Strategic design of border-crossing knowledge and technology transfer collaborations (IntTransNet)

In the early stages of project development, alliance partners in collaborative projects are usually not fully aware of the many different and potentially implementation relevant transfer and commercialization channels. In particular, their international character poses new, multi-dimensional challenges for networks which are to be developed in “2+2 projects”. Particularly, small and medium-sized enterprises cannot cope with this task and need assistance with the development of prospects.

In the research project “IntTransNet”, the researchers from the Innovation Policy and Transfer Design Unit are developing and implementing a systematic approach to international collaboration based on the 2+2 model. It aims to help medium-sized companies and research institutions to develop permanent and long-term collaborative networks and to utilize research results in a way that is ongoing and goal-oriented.



Commissioned by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Team: Dr. Friedrich Dornbusch, Manuel Molina Vogelsang, Steffen Preissler Annamaria Riemer

Duration: April 2017 to March 2020




Cooperation with Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes unit