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Dr. rer. nat. Juliane Welz

Research Fellow, Unit, Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes

Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Internationales Management und Wissensökonomie IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 231039-162

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Areas of Spezialization

Socio- and environmental research in cities

Perception and assessment of environmental risks

Climate change adaptation strategies in cities

Quantitative and qualitative methods of social sciences

Knowledge transfer, participatory processes and transdisciplinarity


Professional development

Dr. Juliane Welz studied geography at the University of Leipzig and completed her doctorate in the field of human geography at the University of Hamburg (2012). From 2007 to 2016, she worked as a research associate at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in the Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology. Here she dealt with topics related to social- and environmental sciences in cities in the international context, including urban transformations in Latin American megacities and urban vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Dr. Welz has many years of experience working in inter-and transdiciplinary research cooperations. In July of 2017 she joined the team of the Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes Unit at Fraunhofer IMW. 

Selected Publications

Year       Title/Author       Document type 
2018 Maschinelles Lernen. Eine Analyse zu Kompetenzen, Forschung und Anwendung
Döbel, I.; Leis, M.; Molina Vogelsang, M.; Welz, J.; Neustroev, D.; Petzka, H.; Riemer, A.; Püping, S.; Voss, A.; Wegele, M.
2018 Adapting built-up areas to climate change. Assessment of effects and feasibility of adaptation measures on heat hazard
Welz, Juliane; Hertel, Daniel; Krellenberg, Kerstin; Schlink, Uwe
book chapter
2018 Resilience, adaptation and transformation: Conceptual and empirical insights from two case studies in Germany and Chile
Kuhlicke, Christian; Krellenberg, Kerstin; Welz, Juliane
book chapter
2017 Assessing urban vulnerability in the context of flood and heat hazard: Pathways and challenges for indicator-based analysis
Krellenberg, Kerstin; Welz, Juliane
journal article
2017 Cambio climático, vulnerabilidad urbana y adaptación a nivel municipal. Santiago de Chile y otras ciudades de América Latina
Krellenberg, Kerstin; Welz, Juliane; Link, Felipe
2017 Energiekosten und Wohnstandortentscheidungen: Neue Treiber für sozialräumliche Segregationsprozesse?
Welz, Juliane; Großmann, Katrin
book chapter
2017 Urban vulnerability and the contribution of socio-environmental fragmentation: Theoretical and methodological pathways
Krellenberg, Kerstin; Welz, Juliane; Link, Felipe; Barth, Katrin
journal article
2017 Zuzugsmagnet Grossstadt - Profile aktueller Zuwanderer. Das Beispiel Leipzig
Welz, Juliane; Haase, Annegret; Kabisch, Sigrun
journal article
2016 Vulnerabilidad frente al cambio climático en la Región Metropolitana de Santiago de Chile: posiciones teóricas versus evidencias empíricas
Welz, Juliane; Krellenberg, Kerstin
journal article
2015 Achieving a Socio-Spatial Mix in a Free Market City: Prospects and Limitations of Social Housing Policy in Santiago de Chile
Dohnke, J.; Heinrichs, D.; Kabisch, S.; Krellenberg, K. & Welz, J.
journal article
2015 Approaching urban vulnerability to climate change induced risks in socio-environmentally fragmented areas – The case of Santiago de Chile
Krellenberg, K.; Link, F.; Welz, J.; Barth, K.; Harris, J.; Irarrázaval, F. & Valenzuela, F.
working paper
2014 Segregation und Integration in Santiago de Chile zwischen Tradition und Umbruch
Welz, Juliane
2014 Supporting local adaptation: The contribution of socio-environmental fragmentation to urban vulnerability
Krellenberg, K., Link, F., Welz, J., Harris, J., Barth, K. & Irarrázaval, F.
journal article
2014 Coping with Natural Disasters and Urban Risk: An approach to urban sustainability from socio-spatial fragmentation and urban vulnerability assessment
Link, F.; Irarrázaval, F.; Harris, J.; Valenzuela, F.; Welz, J. & Barth, K.
book chapter
2014 Rückkehr nach Leipzig. Statistischer Quartalsbericht III/2014
Welz, J.; Haase, A. & Kabisch, S.
journal article
2014 Meine Entscheidung für Leipzig. Ergebnisse der Wanderungsbefragung 2014
Welz, J.; Haase, A. & Kabisch, S.
journal article
2014 Urban green areas and their potential for social interaction – A case study of a socio-economically mixed neighbourhood in Santiago de Chile
Krellenberg, K., Welz, J. & Reyes-Päcke, S.
journal article
2014 A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Analysis of Environmental Quality and Quality of Life
Banzhaf, E.; De la Barrera, F.; Kindler, A.; Reyes-Päcke, S.; Schlink, U.; Welz, J. & Kabisch, S.
journal article
2013 Flood and heat hazards in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile and the socio-economics of exposure
Krellenberg, K.; Müller, A.; Schwarz, A.; Höfer, R. & Welz, J.
journal article
2012 Socio-spatial differentiation: drivers, risks and opportunities
Kabisch, S.; Heinrichs, D.; Krellenberg, K.; Welz, J.; Rodriguez, J.; Sabatini, F. & Rasse, A.
book chapter
2011 Dinámicas recientes y relaciones entre las estructuras urbanas y socioeconómicas en Santiago de Chile: el caso de Peñalolén
Krellenberg, K.; Höfer, R. & Welz, J.
journal article
2011 How sustainable are processes of social and spatial differentiation in Santiago de Chile? - Current situation and future scenarios for social inclusion
Hölzl, C., Krellenberg, K., Heinrichs, D., Welz, J.; & Kabisch, S.
journal article
2010 Socio-environmental change and flood risks: the case of Santiago de Chile
Ebert, A.; Welz, J.; Heinrichs, D.; Krellenberg, K. & Hansjürgens, B.
journal article
2009 Risk Habitat Megacity. Una Iniciativa de Investigación Latinoamericana y su Enfoque de la Vulnerabilidad Socio-Ambiental
Krellenberg, K.; Heinrichs, D.; Kabisch, S.; Rodriguez, J. & Welz, J.
journal article


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