Jördis Winkler

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Jördis Winkler

Research Fellow, Unit Professionalizing Transfer Processes

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 231039-151

Fax +49 341 231039-190

Jördis Winkler (MA) studied European Studies at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg. During her studies, in which she focused on Eastern Europe, she was involved in several research stays in Russia, funded by the DAAD, the University of Magdeburg and others. She specialized in interdisciplinary education topics as well as socio-structural and social questions of migration and integration. Ms. Winkler is currently doing her PhD with the program “Qualitative Education and Social Research” at the University of Magdeburg, with a focus on the theoretical and methodological planning, implementation and evaluation of qualitative interviews. Beginning with her doctorate, she took on several teaching assignments at the University of Magdeburg and worked as a research assistant there as part of a maternity-leave replacement. Since March 2017, Ms. Winkler has been working at Fraunhofer IMW as a research fellow with the “Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes” unit, for which she had already worked as a research assistant since 2009.


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Betuch, H.-O./Polkau, M./Riemer, A./Schüll, E./Winkler, J./Zirkova, I. (eds.) (2015): Explorative future scenarios for integrated forest management in Europe. Leipzig, Fraunhofer MOEZ.

Winkler, J./Riemer, A./Betuch, H.-O. (2013): Societal transformation and the private forest sector. Insights from Bulgaria, Lithuania, and the Slovac Republic. Online research paper. Leipzig, Fraunhofer MOEZ.

Winkler, J. (2013): Forest ownership and tenure arrangements for forest land use. In: Riemer, A./Betuch, H.-O./Zirkova, I./Winkler, J./Wappler, S./Storch, S.: Impact of selected structural factors on the forest-based sector in the European Union. INTEGRAL – Future-oriented integrated management of European forest landscapes. Online research paper. Fraunhofer MOEZ/University of Freiburg.

Winkler, J. (2012): Ausgewählte Aspekte staatlicher Sprachenpolitik am Beispiel der Republik Burjatien in Russland. In: Wrobel, R. M. (Hrsg.): Ethnische Minderheiten und Erinnerungskultur in Mittel- und Osteuropa. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. S. 29-48.