Unit, Stakeholder Dialogue and Social Acceptance

Our application-oriented research focuses on success factors (best practice) and barriers that promote or impede the creation of sustainable energy systems at the international level.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Development of innovative methods for coping with energy turnaround transformation processes in companies, regions, and countries
  • Social acceptance research regarding innovative technologies in the energy sector
  • Integrated evaluation of infrastructure projects and implementation of stakeholder dialogues (taking into account economic, ecological, and social aspects)
  • Drafting strategies to achieve cooperative solutions in international environmental negotiation processes

In terms of methodology, our analyses are based in particular on the identification of best practice examples, comparative analysis of situations in different countries, political science approaches, and the use of innovative dialogue and mediation procedures.

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Current Projects

FALKE - Research Alliance Cultural Heritage

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Leibniz-Gemeinschaft have been collaborating within FALKE since 2006.

EFFESUS - Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts’ Sustainability

The EFFESUS concept is to reduce the environmental impact of Europe’s valuable urban heritage.


Development of a European research and innovation network in the field of wood-based bioeconomy


Acceptance of decentralized urban power generation systems in Vietnam


New ways of recovering critical raw materials such as phosphorus

UrGEnT 1.0

Strategic support for sustainable urban and regional development in northern Thailand


Keynote Speech / 2.3.2017

Fraunhofer IMW accompanies formal launch of Master's Degree at University of Technology in Jamaica

The degree was developed in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) for the University of Technology in Jamaica. The Sustainability Management and Infrastructure Economics division at Fraunhofer IMW was involved in designing the program. It is the first Master's degree of its kind to be offered in the Caribbean region. In his keynote, Professor Thomas Bruckner, Non-resident Distinguished Fellow at Fraunhofer IMW, will discuss technical options and policy instruments to cope with climate change.


Participation: Fraunhofer IMW joins innovation network "Morgenstadt: City Insights"


International market development strategy for insulation board made from bulrushes

The experts from the Stakeholder Dialogue and Social Acceptance Unit are investigating the socio-economic factors and user acceptance level of an innovative, sustainable construction material for thermal renovations that is made from bulrushes (Typha) in Bulgaria.

EFFESUS (Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts Sustainability) Booklet

Fraunhofer "EU-Netzwerk" meets at Fraunhofer Center Leipzig

From 13 to 14 April 2016, the EU-Netzwerk of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft met at the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig. Employees from different Fraunhofer institutes discussed topics related to European funded projects. At the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig, Annamaria Riemer and Urban Kaiser overlook the interdisciplinary research partnership EU Plus that positions projects within European funding programs and provides ongoing assistance with research and development during implementation.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner discusses "Smart City" strategy with mayor of Leipzig.

Establishment of an international energy and environment network in the Danube region

The Leipzig Fraunhofer center researchers are accompanying the establishment of an international renewable energy and bioeconomy network in the Danube region. The network managers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine and Serbia hope to thereby consolidate their expertise with that of the Leipzig Power and Environment Cluster with the ultimate aim of future collaborative projects.


Protecting Heritage with Fraunhofer Innovation – Pilot project started

Climate information at a glance: the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig at Klimanavigator.de

The Leipzig Fraunhofer institute has carried out research into the consequences of climate change for quite some time; important information that will be available on the internet portal Klimanavigator.de in future. This "climate navigator" provides an overview of climate-relevant research, scientific findings regarding climate change and climate adaptation initiatives. "It is only logical that the Fraunhofer IMW should join the online platform Klimanavigator.de as a result of the Fraunhofer institute's research into sustainability management and infrastructure economics. 

Selected projects in the annual reports of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams' contributions provide a compact overview of the institute's projects and product, subject and research focuses.



EU Plus: Management, Financing and Communication of EU funded projects


Research cooperation with the Innovationszentrum für Bioenergie