Climate information at a glance: the Fraunhofer IMW at

The Leipzig Fraunhofer institute has carried out research into the consequences of climate change for quite some time; important information that will be available on the internet portal in future. This “climate navigator” provides an overview of climate-relevant research, scientific findings regarding climate change and climate adaptation initiatives. “It is only logical that the Fraunhofer IMW should join the online platform as a result of the Fraunhofer institute's research into sustainability management and infrastructure economics. Due to our socio-economic perspective, we complement the climate science facilities that currently support the climate navigator,” says Professor Dr. Thomas Bruckner, Non-resident Distinguished Fellow at Fraunhofer IMW. Institute Director Professor Dr. Thorsten Posselt believes the institute’s expertise in stakeholder dialogue and its research into the effects of climate change on historic buildings form an important basis for disseminating information on climate change research to stakeholders from industry, politics, government and society at large.  “We share our research results on the platform so they can serve as roadmaps,” says Posselt. The information portal is a knowledge database established in 2011 that offers easy access to climate information. The web platform intends to provide an overview of the local climate-relevant research and an insight into the current knowledge status. The online platform is operated by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Climate Service Center. The Fraunhofer IMW joined the online portal in April 2015.