UrGEnT 1.0 – Strategic support for sustainable urban and regional development in northern Thailand


Thailand has undergone rapid structural change in recent decades and has developed into an industrialized emerging market. This development focuses heavily on the south of the country, while northern Thailand is characterized mainly by its cultural heritage and agriculture. A seamless urbanization and industrialization of this region therefore requires, in addition to adapted urban development, a secure and environmentally friendly expansion of energy and infrastructure systems.


Against this backdrop, the Fraunhofer IMW, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES in Kassel,  and in close cooperation with local actors from science, business, politics and society, is supporting the design of a concept for sustainable infrastructure development for the city and surrounding area of Chiang Mai. The aim of the six-month initiation phase is to develop a good understanding of the local challenges and development goals of the city, and to examine the principle effectiveness and feasibility of measures. The Fraunhofer IMW’s focus in this early phase of the project is the identification of the regional and national actors relevant to the transformation process (actor map) and an initial evaluation of the local value creation structures and potentials for comprehensive expansion of Chiang Mai’s energy and infrastructure systems (SWOT analysis).


Project partner:
■    Fraunhofer IWES (network coordinator)
■    Chiang Mai University (Thai cooperation partner)
■    Fraunhofer IFF ASEAN Regional Office, Bangkok (network partner)

Project duration, Phase I: 1.10.2017–31.3.2018


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UrGEnT 1.0 Poject sheet