Range of Services

The Fraunhofer specialists in this unit use their expertise to support companies and public institutions with:

  • Social acceptance research
  • Integrated evaluation of infrastructure projects and stakeholder dialogues
  • Supporting international negotiations in the field of environmental protection from a political science perspective

Selected projects in the annual reports of the Fraunhofer IMW

In its annual reports, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presents the wide scope of its socio-economic services spectrum. The expert teams contributions provide a compact overview of the institute's projects, product, subject and research focuses.

Fraunhofer Center Leipzig publishes a brochure with the results of the research on the impact of climate change on historical buildings

With the brochure "Climate for culture – built heritage in times of climate change", the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig highlights the research results of the EU project Climate for Culture. Climate for Culture is a Fraunhofer MOEZ lighthouse project. Over the past five years, an international collaboration of 27 partners from 14 countries has examined the impact of climate change on the interiors of and art collections in historical buildings.

The brochure presents the results of the research project, best practice examples and innovative tools including potential adaptation strategies for historical buildings such as Neuschwanstein Castle or the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, a handbook for energy efficient air-conditioning or a software for the digitalization of analogue data in an illustrative way. The brochure can be downloaded for free from the  Fraunhofer MOEZ website and the project website  www.climateforculture.eu.

The EU project Climate for Culture was jointly coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP and the Leipzig Fraunhofer MOEZ.



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