Henrik Beermann

Henrik Beermann

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Henrik Beermann

Research Fellow Unit, Stakeholder Dialogue and Social Acceptance

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49-341-231039-145

Fax +49-341-231039-9145


  • Promotion of economic development in the renewable energies sector
  • Bio-economic analysis, particularly at the interface between energy, agriculture and small and medium enterprises
  • Innovation systems in the context of global value chains and technology-intensive suppliers

Professional development

Henrik Beermann joined the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Development Cooperation Unit at the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center in early 2016. In his research, Mr. Beerman focuses on developing and implementing solutions to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in developing and emerging economies. Against the backdrop of the promotion of SMEs, he adopts an interdisciplinary nexus-perspective to analyze and manage the interplay and trade-offs between different sectors and development goals. His particular focus is on natural resource-based economic development in emerging economies.

After completing his Bachelor's studies in economic and social geography at the University of Leipzig, Mr. Beermann participated in the International Joint Master Program in Sustainable Development at the University of Leipzig and Stellenbosch University (South Africa). He has also worked in Thailand and the Philippines on SME development in renewable energy and agricultural projects. In addition to his activities at the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center, Mr. Beerman works for the University of Leipzig's international MBA program “Small Enterprise Promotion and Training (SEPT)”. 


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