Urban Kaiser

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Urban Kaiser

Deputy Head of Unit, Stakeholder Dialogue and Social Acceptance

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 231039-150

Fax +49 341 231039-9150

Main areas of activity at Fraunhofer IMW

  • Target-group-specific stakeholder dialogue in the fields of energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energies
  • Social acceptance of innovative energy technologies
  • Transformation of the European energy system
  • Transnational research cooperation in the field of innovative energy concepts


Urban Kaiser has worked as a research fellow at Fraunhofer IMW since 2008 and has held the position of project manager for national and international projects in the Group “Energy and Social Dialogue” since 2010. In this role, he is primarily concerned with the interactions between technical, economic and social developments in European energy markets. Urban Kaiser studied political sciences and economics in Mainz and Riga (Latvia).


Leissner, J., Kaiser, U., Kilian, R. (Eds.) 2014: Built Cultural Heritage in times of climate change. Leipzig: Fraunhofer MOEZ.

von Rettberg, B. ; Bürger, R. ; Egusquiza, A. ; Gandini, A. ; Kaiser, U. ; Lück, K. ; Rodriguez-Maribona, I. ; Schindler, C. ; Schumacher, P. (2013): EFFESUS - Energy efficiency for EU historic districts sustainability. In: Hauser, G.; Lützkendorf, T.; Essig, N. (Eds.); TU München (Organ.): SB 13 Munich: Book of full papers : Implementing sustainability - barriers and chances. Stuttgart : Fraunhofer IRB-Verl., S. 805-812.

Kaiser, U.; Lajter, W.; Cylwik,E. (2010): Legal and Market Conditions for Investigation, Remediation and Revitalization of degraded areas in Central and Eastern Europe – Case Studies of Poland and Romania. In: Innowacyjne Rozwiązania. Rewitalizacji Terenów zdegradowanych.

Kaiser, U. (2010): Altlastenerkundungs- und -sanierungsmarkt in Mittel- und Osteuropa – Akteursanalyse für Rumänien.

Kaiser, U. (2009): Altlastenerkundungs- und -sanierungsmarkt in Mittel- und Osteuropa – Marktanalyse für Rumänien.

Kaiser, Urban (2018): Innovations in the Circular Economy – Chances and Challenges for historic buildings. Symposium »Bauwirtschaft in Dänemark«, Deutsch-Dänische Handelskammer Kopenhagen, 06.03.2018. 

Kaiser, Urban (2015): Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Eco-Innovative Financing. Conference Lodzkie of Energy. 08.6.2015. Łódź, Polen.

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