Innovation made in Saxony - Fraunhofer IMW is a partner of Mechanical Engineering Network Saxony VEMASinnovativ

In identifying future issues and solving practical challenges, the exchange with innovation drivers and associations is both a motivating factor and a goal in Fraunhofer IMW's work.

"VE.MAS," the Mechanical Engineering Network in Saxony, is a platform that connects companies, research institutions, and product and technology service providers. Moreover, this association supports networking and technology transfer among Saxon stakeholders with its annual expertise atlas ( Fraunhofer IMW is listed in this year's edition as a contact in the field of research.

Fraunhofer IMW's past research projects have demonstrated successful cooperation between the Saxon partners. One example is KuKoMo, for which an interdisciplinary research team including the Price and Service Management Unit and the Professional Development and Competence Management Unit investigated the economic efficiency and training requirements of collaborative assembly workstations in small and medium-sized companies.

Further informations: VE.MAS Website