Unit Professional Development and Competence Management

School as an inclusive organization – a system in transition: One vision, many players

August 13, 2019

In August 2019, the researchers of the unit Professional Development and Competence Management presented the results of the project "Designing Inclusive Schools (SING) - Development of subject-related didactic concepts and organizational structures of an inclusive school system". They explored the status and significance of inclusive school development processes at pilot institutions and developed an interactive workshop concept that enables schools to bring on board all those involved in the school development process in order to develop into inclusion-sensitive organizations.

The first workshop took place took place at the 102nd primary school Johanna in Dresden on the 13th August, 2019. The development topics that resulted from the needs and situation analysis carried out in advance were the central points of discussion. During the four-hour format, a total of twelve participants consisting of management and staff level employees (teachers, education and social education professionals) and committed parent representatives had the opportunity to share their views and ideas on inclusion-related organizational development. The employees of the network partner TU Dresden contributed their expertise in subject didactics and special education for the teaching context. The overall aim of the workshop was to outline future developmental steps for the school on the basis of the collectively reflected initial situation.

To start off, Fanny Hösel and Sebastian Poppitz, Research Fellows of the unit Professional Development and Competence Management, presented the research results to parents and interested school staff. Afterwards, the findings were reflected in a validation group, potentials and obstacles for inclusive school development at school were identified and possible solutions were discussed. The researchers of the Professional Development and Competence Management unit used their own specially designed model for inclusive school development. In the course of the event, the participants filled this model with school-specific content, including their concerns and goals.

In the next phase of the project, Fraunhofer IMW researchers will design a guideline for schools, in which future development steps will be turned into strategic process management and the results of the workshop will be considered.