Paradigm change in industrial production: New AGENT-3D project initiated.

According to expert opinions, additive-generative manufacturing will revolutionise production technology in the future. The manufacture of components and tools through layered, three-dimensional application of materials will go beyond the current industrial production limits. On the initiative of Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research, research institutes and businesses formed the “AGENT-3D“ alliance in 2014 in order to develop these technologies into Germany's key technology. Fundamental steps have already been taken. During the first stage of the strategy, the project partners developed an initial set of research, technical, organisational and economic basic principles for a syndicate roadmap. “AGENT-3D_Basis“, which is the next strategy stage, now bridges the gap between the ongoing strategy process and the technology projects as yet to be applied for. In this project, researchers from the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center, with Annamaria Riemer, the deputy head of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer division at the helm, will investigate the socio-political, national economic and financial framework conditions under which additive-generative production can be successfully implemented in industrial manufacturing. In parallel, the group’s strategy stage has also been continued since March 2016 to define technically feasible interim project goals. For this purpose, the Leipzig-based researchers are developing the existing market analyses further and are also accompanying the transfer of the research results to the respective community of specialists.