Data Economy: Data as digital value: Joint research project by Fraunhofer IMW and the University of Leipzig before the start

The Fraunhofer IMW and the University of Leipzig are set to work together to develop new methods and applicable software solutions for the evaluation and usage of data by Saxon companies. According to the plan, the Leipzig researchers will draw on existing information obtained via the digitally controlled processes of industrial companies, for example by sensors. These data will be tested for their economic value and their potential for successful utilization in different application environments. The collaboration between the Fraunhofer IMW and the University of Leipzig’s Institute of Computer Science and Faculty of Economics and Management Science enables the interdisciplinary research team to combine socio-economic and software-based skills to scientifically assist Saxon companies with digitization.

Saxony's State Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig, underlines that the research project opens a new door to the digital future for Saxony:

“Now, not only software innovations for technical systems are coming out of Saxony, but also for corporate processes and operational organization. The results of the project will help many companies to digitally shape future industrial value creation.”

Says Institute Director Prof. Dr. Thorsten Posselt:

“We are working from a scientific baseline, using the socio-economic and socio-technological perspectives of applied research to draft a proposal for the University of Leipzig‘s and Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW‘s joint research project on “Digital Value Creation”.  We undertake research and development activities in the data economy field in order to strengthen the competitiveness of Saxon companies in the international context. The companies will be involved in the development process starting from the very beginning of the project. The joint research activity is based on more than a decade of meaningful cooperation between the University of Leipzig and the Fraunhofer IMW. We aim to create a comparison with concepts in other regions and countries. The significant support of the Free State as represented by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art (SMWK) and the State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport (SMWA) as well as the City of Leipzig furthers our motivation to develop this research proposal to the highest possible standard.”

The Free State of Saxony has designated around 7.5 million euros in funding for the project over the first four years. The “Digital Value Creation” research project is set to begin in the spring of 2018.

Press release from the Free State of Saxony / 21.12.2017

Research project on »Digital Value Creation« in Leipzig before the start.