Head of the Saxon CDU parliamentary group, visits the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig

On Monday, 4 May 2016, Frank Kupfer, leader of the CDU faction in Saxony's regional parliament, and Christine Clauß, member of the CDU faction in Saxony's regional parliament, visited the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig. The institute's director Professor Thorsten Posselt and the division heads Professor Thomas Bruckner and Dr. Steffen Preissler told the guests more about the range of services offered by the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy following the institute's major realignment in 2015. The regional parliament representatives not only talked about the Free State of Saxony's strategy for Europe but also about the future potential the turnaround of the structure of the energy industry harbours for Saxony, and about supporting medium-sized enterprises.

The former State Minister and member of the regional parliament Clauß recalled a visit by the CDU regional parliament faction's working group on Europe last year, and emphasized the particular importance of the EU for Saxony, for the research landscape in Saxony, and for the local economy. She also said that the Fraunhofer Center contributes significantly to this with its numerous European projects.

Professor Thorsten Posselt highlighted the special role and function of the Leipzig Center as an internationally staffed, Leipzig-based socio-economic Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft research institute. He underlined the excellent, continuously expanding cooperation with public institutions in various German federal states, the German national government and the European Union. He also said that the partnerships and level of cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises in Saxony is constantly increasing. Kupfer and Posselt agreed that the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig provides important incentives to small and medium-sized enterprises that offer support to these companies as they grow, and help them to develop innovations and to realize internationalization projects. Both affirmed that they intend to continue the intensive dialogue: “We are on the same wavelength when it comes to shaping Saxony's future.“