Fraunhofer expert joins Central German and Leipzig innovation award juries

Professor Dr. Utz Dornberger, head of the Fraunhofer IMW's Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Development Cooperation Unit and professor for small enterprise promotion and training at Leipzig University, has become a member of the juries for the innovation award IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland and its local pendant, the IQ Innovationspreis Leipzig.

The IQ Innovationspreis is a prize and an honor awarded to innovative marketable products, processes and services originating from Central Germany. The "IQ" stands for innovation quotient. Applicants submit their innovation in one of the five clusters Automotive, Chemicals/Plastics, Energy/Environment/Solar Industry, Information Technology or Life Sciences. In a three stage evaluation process, an online jury of science and business representatives carries out the initial pre-selection of the projects. The four to six best candidates from each cluster then present their applications in the form of an elevator pitch. The two most convincing applications from each cluster then compete for the overall win in a further presentation. Applicants based in Leipzig can also submit applications for the IQ Innovationspreis Leipzig. Cluster winners receive a prize amounting to 7,500 euros; the overall winner receives 15,000 euros. The IQ Innovationspreis Leipzig is worth 5,000 euros.

On 28 November last year, the initial application stage began with a kick-off event. Innovators still have until 14 March 2017 to submit their projects online. The juries will be sitting from mid-March until the end of May, and the prizes will be presented on 20 June in Zwickau.

In 2017, the IQ Innovationspreis will already be awarded for the 13th time. Last year's overall winner was Kumatec Sondermaschinenbau & Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH, who won with their development of a marketable high pressure electrolyzer for energy storage and electric vehicles. WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH won the IQ Innovationspreis Leipzig for its "SINUS-2100 Outdoor", a portable solar module tester.

See for more detailed information about the IQ Innovationspreis.