Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes Unit

Participatory vision building in the SPARCS project

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Researchers of the Professionalization of Knowledge Transfer Processes Unit are planning a creative workshop with different Leipzig based partners for the project SPARCS (Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS). The project partners want to work out a vision for the city of Leipzig in 2050 and together with representatives of relevant organizations come up with a normative target image in the form of texts and graphics. The focus of the so-called "City Vision 2050" is on urban governance, the digital city, urban transport, energy and housing.

A total of seven European cities are participating in the SPARCS project and show how urban intelligent energy systems can work. The units "Innovation Acceptance" and "Professionalization of Knowledge Transfer Processes" of Fraunhofer IMW support the research consortium in implementing the measures. While the team of the Innovation Acceptance Unit is cooperating with the participating cities to develop a guideline for the promotion of social participation, the researchers of the Professionalization of Knowledge Transfer Processes Unit are developing the methodology for the participatory vision formation of the "City Vision 2050". The methodological basis for this is a foresight process that provides the participating cities with scientifically sound knowledge for future decision-making processes. Together with the Digital City Department of the City of Leipzig, the researchers are now piloting the procedure in a first workshop. The group will then further develop the methodological framework based on the experience gained in the pilot. The further development also includes a purely digital version of a workshop. The findings will help the other participating cities to develop their own vision of the future for 2050.