Cultural Heritage: Start of the Crowdfunding Campaign “Conservation Summer Academy 2020 in Pompeij”

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP and the Fraunhofer Center for International Management IMW are launching the crowdfunding campaign “Conservation Summer Academy”. This campaign for the preservation of cultural heritage, which is being carried out with great passion, is intended to enable international students to participate in a unique continuing education format in the cultural site of Pompeii. The research project “TransferFinanz”, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF, supports researchers in financing and implementing project initiatives with a social impact.

Cultural heritage, our historical foundation, is decaying worldwide. Especially the climatic influences, such as floods, erosion and heavy rainfall, pose a particular threat. In order to preserve the substance of monuments in the long term, it is necessary to integrate new concepts and measures into the training programs of restorers and thus actively support the next generation of specialists.

Dr. Ralf Kilian, restorer and head of the department for cultural heritage research at Fraunhofer IBP, organizes the international training program “Summer Academy” in Pompeii, supported by an experienced team. For eight years they have been working for the preservation of the ancient city of Pompeii with the “Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project PSPP”. The research and training of qualified specialists in restoration and monument conservation are also the core areas of the project. “Our aim is to bring together young restorers from all over the world. The opportunity to apply the latest restoration methods and materials in the ancient site enables them to meet the increasing climatic changes with innovative approaches,” says Dr. Ralf Kilian.

In order to provide financial security for the Summer Academy, which is already partly co-financed by the Katritzky Foundation, and to give other international students the opportunity to participate, Fraunhofer scientists intend to raise the remaining funds via crowdfunding between March 5 and April 8, 2020. This is a case for the crowdfunding experts of the Innovation Financing Unit of Fraunhofer IMW in Leipzig, who are actively supporting the Fraunhofer IBP in this respect. In addition to the first Fraunhofer campaign “Greenup Sahara”, they have already accompanied several successful crowdfunding campaigns in sports on a scientific basis. With their bundled experience and knowledge, they developed a toolbox of tools and methods to prepare, implement and evaluate crowdfunding campaigns.

This knowledge is now being used in the current campaign preparation. The research approaches implemented lead the TransferFinanz team to important insights for future campaigns. “With the accompanying survey to the campaign, we explore the material value of cultural heritage for society. We are investigating the motives of those who participate in crowdfunding campaigns, such as the Conservation Summer Academy 2020 in Pompeii”, explains Fraunhofer IMW project manager Anne Becker in regards to the upcoming campaign period.

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Contact Persons:

Anne Becker
Project leader TransferFinanz
Fraunhofer IMW
Phone: +49 341 231039-136

Dr. Ralf Kilian
Head of Cultural Heritage Research Department
Phone: +49 8024 643-285

Dirk Böttner-Langolf   
Fraunhofer IMW         
Phone: +49 341 231039-250        

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