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Business Models: Engineering and Innovation

Research-based support for the design, improvement, and supervision of the implementation of new business models represents our central offer to our clients in economy and industry. Fraunhofer IMW has developed tools to assist businesses in identifying an advantageous market position. This toolbox enables companies to systematically develop, analyze, and continually improve their business models. These tools meet scientific standards and have been tested in the field. The added value for clients is to achieve higher profitability in the long term.

Range of Services

  • Business Model Engineering and Standardization
  • Strategic Positioning and Business Model Audits
  • Business Model Innovations


Press Release / 8.4.2019

Saxony is a pioneer in the digitization of agriculture

Last autumn, the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) launched a call for grant proposals in experimental fields in agriculture, with a 70 million euro budget. Out of 25 applications, 14 were selected in the first round; these applicants can submit their detailed funding proposals until this Easter. Fraunhofer IMW and Leipzig University are still in the running, with a project that investigates and develops data-driven networking and intelligent assistance for agricultural work processes.


Energy Globe World Award

The "C³ - Carbon Concrete Composite" project, with participation from Fraunhofer IMW, wins the environmental “Energy Globe World” award.

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Open Workshop Leipzig at Fraunhofer IMW

The Open Workshop Leipzig at Fraunhofer IMW offers free training on how to introduce electronic standards in SMEs.