Current Projects#

Hydrogen Perspectives for Leipzig - A Potential Assessment

REGINA – Regional Value Chains for Organic Agricultural Products

Better use of norms and standards for the market success

Approaches to Shaping Structural Change towards a Sustainable Industrial Society

Method of Measuring the Impact of Art and Design in Applied Science

TimberPlan+ Digitally Based, Integral Planning Methodology for Ready-made Wooden Roof Construction

Developing feasible business models: the simulation lab at the Fraunhofer IMW

C³INTEF - Integrating heating functions in carbon concrete construction elements

Completed Projects#

START-MIT-NORM: Start-ups secure their success with norms and standards

Energy Supply Business Model

Improving Employability Skills within the Scope of Innovation Management

Meta-project in the pilot phase of the promotional key area "Vocational training export by German providers": driving and inhibiting factors

VISUAL – Systematic exploitation of socio-technological and economic research results

Open School

Integration, Connecting and Innovative Forms of Cooperation (IViKo)

Innovation capability of standardization - IPONORM

DICAMP - Development and Implementation of an Accredited Cross-Universities Innovation Management Master Program in Tunisia