C³INTEF: Integrating heating functions in carbon concrete construction elements


For five years, Fraunhofer IMW has supported the research and development of carbon concrete, an innovative building material, within the “C³ - Carbon Concrete Composite” research consortium (the largest in Europe). The aim of this research is to make way for the buildings of the future, initiating a paradigm shift in the construction industry.

Following joint basic research, Fraunhofer IMW has taken over coordinative management of the “C³InteF” project. A combination of science and application makes the project particularly market-oriented.


The C³InteF project pursues the overarching goal of developing ecologically and economically sensible solutions for heatable carbon concrete construction elements (or renovations featuring carbon concrete). Using a novel approach, heat is introduced into building structures via carbon reinforcement and combined with other technologies. These heat inputs can affect indoor heating, energy storage, component tempering, or room climate control. They can also be used in combination with other building climate functions as a component protection function.

Project Tasks

Experts from the Business Models: Engineering and Innovation Unit at IMW are coordinating this project. They support research partners through the transparent exchange of knowledge, investigating all possible applications, value chains, and markets for heatable carbon concrete elements. The flagship example of C³InteF technology is the C³CUBE project, designed within the C³ consortium, which will be built in 2020 in Dresden as the world's first carbon concrete structure. A 40-square-meter heated parking lot and a heated interior wall area will serve as examples for this project.

Project duration

1.9.2017 - 31.8.2020

Project partners

  • TU Dresden
  • STL Heizsysteme GmbH
  • HFB Engineering GmbH
  • Q-Point Composite GmbH





Energy Globe World Award for »Carbon Concrete Comppsite«

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Rethinking construction: The market for heatable carbon concrete building components