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Professional Development and Competence Management

Digitization and internationalization are fundamentally transforming internal work processes for companies. In the midst of these processes, companies' success depends on whether individuals and groups within the organization have the necessary qualifications and competencies.

With its strategic competence and learning process management solutions, the Professional Development and Competence Management Unit provides companies with sustainable support in successfully managing transformation processes triggered by digitization and internationalization, e.g. in introducing digital technologies, managing psychological stress caused by social media, and exploring crowdworking approaches.

Companies that work with the Professional Development and Competence Management Unit to develop company-specific competence models can observe lasting positive effects. This includes fewer health-related absences, fewer conflicts and more creativity in terms of company interaction, higher job satisfaction, more agility, and innovative strength in terms of organizational development.

Range of services

  • Competence measurement
  • Competence development 
  • Designing company-specific competence models

Our focus is on the relationship between employees and company-specific conditions.



New BMBF-funded collaborative project on the topic of "Digitization and Learning Location Cooperation" launched in March

moVET.europe - Evaluating a pilot project to promote European mobility culture

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