Dr. Dirk Förster-Trallo

Dirk Förster-Trallo

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Dr. Dirk Förster-Trallo

Research Fellow, Unit Professional Development and Competence Management

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 231039-268

Fax +49 341 231039-9268

Areas of Expertise

  • Decision-making and information management in professional contexts
  • Quantification and monetization of knowledge in internal education and training
  • Control and management of knowledge in organizations
  • Use of digital teaching and research methods in professional and academic environments



Dr. Dirk Förster-Trallo has been a research fellow in the Professional Development and Competence Management Unit at Fraunhofer IMW since June 2020.

As a management consultant, he supported international companies from the automotive sector as well as telecommunications industries in the digitalization of product development and manufacturing processes and the control and organization of knowledge. He received his doctoral degree from Glasgow Caledonian University with a thesis on information processing and the decision-making behaviour of managers. As program manager of the “Master of Business Administration and Engineering” (MBA&E) program at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin, Dr. Dirk Förster-Trallo developed this program into the largest fee-based master's program in Germany, implementing new study focuses and digital teaching and teaching support services.

At Fraunhofer IMW, he researches in the field of digital and demographic transformation. His main focus is on the individual and organizational requirements for increasing innovation competences along the value chain. At the Chair of Innovation Management and Innovation Economics at Leipzig University, he uses quantitative methods to examine the influence of digitalization on innovation processes in small and medium-sized enterprises.


Current projects


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Development of a Strategic Competency Management with Regard to Preventive Work Design Using the Example of a German SME
Preissler, Anzhela; Förster-Trallo, Dirk; Herzberg, Tom
Conference Paper
2019The Impact of E-Learning Elements in German Part Time Studies - An Example of the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences
Rachfall, Thomas; Förster-Trallo, Dirk; Zimbelmann, Emma Elisa
Conference Paper
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Presentations and Conference Contributions


  • Dr. Förster-Trallo, D. (2018). The impact of psychological occupational strain load Engineering Managers decision making behavior (Keynote). International Academic Conference on Management, Economics and Marketing (IAC-MEM). Budapest 2018.
  • Dr. Förster-Trallo, D. (2018). The impact of psychological occupational strains on Engineering Managers stress feeling – a test of the ERI model (Keynote). International Academic Conference on Management, Economics and Marketing (IAC-MEM). Vienna 2018.



  • Dr. Förster-Trallo, D. (2017). Is there a need for German controllers to acquire an internationally recognised and portable qualification? (Key-Speaker). Annual Conference of the Accountants Group in Germany. Frankfurt 9/11/2017.
  • Dr. Förster-Trallo, D. (2017). Erhöhung der Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit internationaler Studierender – am Beispiel des MBAE Programmes der HTW, ICM. Conference. Berlin 2017.



  • Dr. Förster-Trallo, D. (2016). Fehlentscheidungen als Folge von Überlastung – Eine Untersuchung zum Entscheidungsverhalten von Führungskräften unter psychischer Beanspruchung in Berliner und Brandenburger KMUs. Nachwuchswissenschaftlerkonferenz. Schmalkalden 2016.



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