Better use of norms and standards for the market success of interests in international competition

Project Background

Norms and standards define the current status and requirements for products and services in almost all areas of life. They ensure the acceptance of innovations on the market and thus create the basis for successful business models. In global markets, they serve as a common language for trading partners, create trust and also offer innovation security and orientation on future topics. Nevertheless, companies and research institutions have not used norms and standardization to successfully position and enforce their innovations in international competition thus far.


The project coordinators developed recommendations for action, which enable companies and research institutions to better identify and exploit the potential of standardization.

For this purpose, an overview with driving and inhibiting aspects of the commitment in standardization work for research institutions and companies was created as part of a literature analysis, which could be validated and prioritized in more than 40 structured interviews. The findings from these interviews form the basis of the publication “Relevance of standardization for knowledge and technology transfer,” which addresses companies and research institutions with strategic, structural and supporting recommendations for action.

Large companies and SMEs in particular can benefit more from the advantages of standardization for the market success of their own products, thereby counteracting the lack of standardization knowledge.


Project Tasks

As part of the project, recommendations for action were developed that contribute to:

  • to create an awareness of the relevance and added value of norms and standardization
  • to support cooperation in the field of standardization between research institutions and companies 
  • and to help companies to develop skills in the field of standardization.

The results were published as part of the short study "Relevance of norms and standardization for knowledge and technology transfer.”





Contact persons at Fraunhofer IMW

The Digital Health Unit

  • Philipp Herrmann (Head of Project)
  • Walburga Hoffmann
  • Anna Pohle
  • Marlen Weiße


Project Partner

Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung ISI


Duration of Project

1.2.2020 - 31.12.2020


Study "Relevance of norms and standardization for knowledge and technology transfer"