Fraunhofer transfer management system: Generating impact in cooperation with Germany's Mittelstand (InnoTransMitt)

The innovation performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been steadily declining in recent years. Limited resources as well as a lack of contractual compatibility create a central hurdle for research and development activities. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has a broad technology base, extensive experience in the needs-based design of innovation processes and established instruments for the transfer of intellectual property as well as expert knowledge on different paths for utilization. The InnoTransMitt project brings together medium-sized companies and Fraunhofer research teams together. 

Two prototype web applications were developed in the project:



Corporate-Match supports Fraunhofer employees in finding suitable small and medium-sized companies for joint research activities. In order to achieve this goal, the underlying algorithm uses semantic text analysis to select those companies that best fit the profile of the respective Fraunhofer Institute from a list of nearly two million companies. In addition, employees can view companies similar to those listed or specific customers. The results can be filtered by industry, size and distance of the companies to their own institute.

Link to Corporate-Match


The Verwert-O-Mat is intended to encourage scientists to think about the use of their technologies in early project phases. Targeted questions are derived through the program’s various recycling options. Based on the answers, a personalized recommendation is created and users are linked to relevant tools, contacts, best practices, etc.

Link to Verwert-O-Mat


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Innovation Policy and Transfer Design Unit, Fraunhofer IMW:

  • Dr. Friedrich Dornbusch
  • Dr. Karl Trela
  • Dr. Yuri Campbell
  • Anna Pohle

Institute for Applied Computer Science (InfAI):

  • Michael Prilop
  • Daniel Schwab
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher
  • René Meyer

Project Timeline:

January 2017 to March 2020

Project Partners:

Fraunhofer Venture

TU Berlin

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Intelligent recommendation system 'Corporate Match' matches research institutes with companies