Current Projects#

KERES – Protecting cultural heritage from extreme climate events and increasing resilience

CARE – Towards Circular Indonesian Agriculture: Promoting Rice Husk-to-Electricity for clean rural electrification

Concept Development for an Education and Training Programme in the Field of Cultural Heritage in Petra, Jordan

Watermanagement on the Philippines innovates

Cultural Heritage at Risk – impacts of climate change, opportunities of digitalization

YoU2 - Livable historic urban districts in Chiang Mai

Leipzig as a Lighthouse City in: SPARCS - Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS

Completed Projects#

MOBY – Living Lab Electro-Micromobility

CitizenSensor - cooperation models for collaborations between research institutions and community scientists

LignoLink - Development of a European research and innovation network in the field of wood-based bioeconomy

Cultural Heritage in Crisis - German-Italian Scientific Symposium at Villa Vigoni

Protecting Heritage with Fraunhofer Innovation – A Pilot Project

EFFESUS - Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts’ Sustainability

PROOF – Acceptance of decentralized urban power generation systems in Vietnam

Typha Bulgaria: an innovative, sustainable and insulating construction material made from bulrushes

Climate for Culture

PHOSPHORCYCLE – New ways of recovering critical raw materials such as phosphorus

Rural Heritage – Cultural heritage as a driver of sustainable development in rural areas

TREC-Danube: Linking of Leipzig Energy Cluster with the Danube region

Energy-efficient City: Spatial energy concept for Leipzig’s East

R&D Network Regional Energy Concepts in the Baltic Sea Region

Concept for the establishment of a regional energy agency


NANOMATCON – Multifunctional Nanoparticles and Materials Controlled by Structure

TASK – Terra- Aqua- and Site Remediation Centre of Competence Leipzig

Scientific support in the "Pilot Project for Increasing the Transfer"