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Unit, Innovation Financing

For sponsors, foundations and private financial actors, we do research and test alternative forms of participation for the financing of innovation processes. This includes the areas of "Financing Innovations" and "Innovations in the Financing Sector". In addition, we represent the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and the FGF Working Group for Start-up and SME Finance.

Range of Services

  • Applied crowdfunding research
  • Development and testing of alternative forms of participation and financing
  • Transfer of scientific findings into practical application


Current events

Meet us:

29.10.2019: Expert discussion "Financing of resource efficiency investments for companies" with Iliyana Madina

22.10.2019: Workshop by Anne Becker and Erik Ackermann at »DasCrowdFORUM«

18.10.2019: Workshop by Anne Becker and Malgorzata Krowicka at »Barcamp«


Financing and implementation of municipal projects with crowdfunding - transparency, commitment and involvement

Workshop by Anne Becker and Erik Ackermann at »DasCrowdFORUM«

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