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Unit, Innovation Policy and Transfer Design

The Innovation Policy and Transfer Design unit analyzes, evaluates and designs instruments in the fields of innovation policy and knowledge and technology transfer.

Based on latest scientific methods and findings, we assist partners from the political, scientific and business communities with their strategic planning and design of future cooperation, transfer and funding activities. We aim to close the gap between research and practice, and to contribute to solutions for social and economic challenges – from conceptualization to implementation.

Our team develops instruments to support knowledge and technology transfer, analyzes local and global innovation and knowledge networks and accompanies the organization of transfer and commercialization structures. By means of evaluations and impact assessments, we contribute to the design of national and international innovation support.

Range of Services

  • Development of new approaches and instruments for innovation policy
  • Assessment and evaluation of policy measures
  • Scientifically based advice on political decision-making processes
  • Assistance with the design and organization of transfer structures and networks under consideration of contexts, incentives and stakeholders involved


Scientific monitoring of the mid-term meeting within the framework of the 2nd German-Greek Research and Innovation Programme


Fraunhofer IMW publishes research report on structural change

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