Current Projects


Better use of norms and standards for the market success


Approaches to Shaping Structural Change towards a Sustainable Industrial Society


Fraunhofer transfer management system: Generating impact in cooperation with Germany's Mittelstand (InnoTransMitt)


Networks and transfer in international cooperation: strategically shaping cooperation between science and industry at home and abroad (IntTransNet)


Impulses for the brainstorming and identification stage in order to promote innovations in the life sciences area (IFI_Leben)

Completed Projects


Expertise regarding the question of whether the financial research and development support granted to nonprofit external industrial research institutions in eastern Germany – Innovationskompetenz Ost (INNO-KOM-Ost) – should be extended to the GRW regions in the western part of Germany (BMWi)


AGENT-3D Strategy


Approaches for increasing the commercial utilization of research results – lessons learned from past funding policy experiences (WTT-Lehren)


Evaluation of the funding framework "Verbundforschung" (collaborative research) in the area of "basic natural science research" (BMBF)


AGENT-3D Basis Framework conditions for additive-generative manufacturing (BMBF)


The importance of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for medium-sized companies in Germany (the German »Mittelstand«)