AGENT-3D Strategy

The AGENT-3D (AGENT 3D: “Additive Generative Manufacturing – Printing New Worlds”) consortium is a strategic alliance of leading research institutions, industry representatives and small and medium-sized enterprises for the purpose of research, innovation and growth. Its declared common goal is to secure Germany the leading position in key areas of additive-generative manufacturing technology. As a member of the strategy team, Fraunhofer IMW is analyzing market developments as well as technology and policy trends that promote the further development of the technology roadmap and the identification of the consortium's strategic priority areas. The team also assists with the transfer of the research results to the stakeholder communities and develops further training concepts for the consortium partners, as well as concepts for increasing the public's technology acceptance level.

Commissioned by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Team: Velina Schmitz, Jördis Winkler, Dr. Steffen Preissler

Duration: Strategy I 2014 – 2016; Strategy II 2016 – 2017