Manuel Molina Vogelsang

Manuel Molina Vogelsang

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Manuel Molina Vogelsang

Strategic Development Manager & Research Fellow, Unit Innovation Policy and Transfer Design

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 231039-114

Fax +49 341 231039-9114

Areas of Expertise

  • Support for the further strategic development of the institute: day-to-day management, business development and strategic planning
  • Establishment and expansion of institutional collaborations and networks, in particular networking with other Fraunhofer institutes and partners in Latin America
  • Regional expert for Spain and Latin America


Professional Development

Manuel Molina Vogelsang joined the institute’s Innovation Policy and Transfer Design Unit as a research fellow in November 2016. Mr. Molina Vogelsang has also provided previous support to the Fraunhofer IMW management in his capacity as a research assistant and as the institute’s Strategic Development Manager. In addition, since May 2015 he has lectured on the topics innovation management and innovation economics at the University of Leipzig. He has also worked with the Hamburg-based Latin America Verein as a country consultant covering the nations of Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, and in the Department for International Business Development at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft headquarters. Here he oversaw collaborations with Latin America and supported the team leadership through contents-related and administrative tasks. Mr. Molina Vogelsang studied Latin American Regional Studies with a focus on economics at the University of Cologne.


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018Künstliche Intelligenz - Eine Einordnung
Posselt, Thorsten; Döbel, Inga; Molina Vogelsang, Manuel; Preissler, Steffen; Riemer, Annamaria; Welz, Juliane
Journal Article
2018Maschinelles Lernen. Eine Analyse zu Kompetenzen, Forschung und Anwendung
Döbel, I.; Leis, M.; Molina Vogelsang, M.; Welz, J.; Neustroev, D.; Petzka, H.; Riemer, A.; Püping, S.; Voss, A.; Wegele, M.
2018RSI - Eine neue Methode zum Messen von Spezialisierungsdynamiken
Menzel, K.; Maicher, Lutz; Molina Vogelsang, Manuel
Conference Paper
2017Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft: Herausforderungen und Chancen
Posselt, Thorsten; Molina Vogelsang, Manuel
Journal Article
2016Innovationsnetzwerke im internationalen Kontext gestalten
Molina Vogelsang, M.; Posselt, T.
Journal Article
2014What has been maintaining Germany's competitiveness in manufacturing?
Foders, F.; Molina Vogelsang, M.
Book Article
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Further Conference Contributions


  • Molina Vogelsang, M. (2019). Knowledge and Technology Transfer in International R&D Cooperation: Challenges and Potentials of the »2+2 Model«. Mid-Term Meeting German-Israeli Cooperation in the Field of Applied Nanotechnology, Bonn. 25.-26.2.19.
  • Molina Vogelsang, M. 2019). International Cooperation in Research and Innovation: Does Relatedness Matter for the Design of International Innovation Policies?. 2nd Annual Conference on the Geography of Innovation & Complexity, Utrecht, NL. 2.-4.9.19.



  • Molina Vogelsang, M. (2018). Internationale Kooperation in Forschung und Innovation: Motive, Erfahrungen und Ansätze aus israelischer Sicht. BMBF-Fachgespräch Israel, Bonn. 25.4.18.