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Read research paper: “Employee involvement in innovation activities in hospitals: How perception matters“

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Price and Service Management

We support companies with the challenges of price and service management on the basis of established and innovative approaches from applied research. We have the knowledge and tools needed to improve the potential of companies in the areas of revenue and price modeling and “servitization” – the transformation from producer to service-oriented solutions provider.

Marketing products and services – regardless of whether they are innovative or already established on the market – means finding the optimal price and revenue model and mastering price management. As the central driver of revenues, prices have a direct effect on profit. They determine the sustainability of companies and corporate success.

For providers, global competition increases pricing pressure and the pressure to diversify. Companies are therefore discovering the value of “servitization" – the transformation from producer to service-oriented solutions provider. The necessary high-quality service portfolio places great demands on the development and management competencies of companies, which we support through development and quality management.

Range of services

  • Developing innovative revenue models
  • Price and product optimization
  • Service development and quality management 



Interview: Dr. Marija Radic about services

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On the IHK Leipzig blog, entrepreneurs and the research team report on joint workshops for long-term corporate growth.

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