Digital music platform for the treatment and mental activation of people with dementia

Funded by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF, Federal Ministry of Education and Research)



Worldwide, around 35 million people suffer from dementia. These patients have to learn to handle the loss of their higher cognitive functions to varying degrees, depending on the precise nature of their condition. There are various therapy approaches and mental activation concepts to support dementia patients. One treatment to significantly increase their well-being is the use of music. This is the approach we are following with our "NurMut" project.



The project "NurMut" focuses on the development of an innovative music platform that activates the minds of people suffering from dementia through music therapy. The technology allows them to connect with other patient and social groups. In this way, patients who would like to participate in shared experiences but have mobility issues, such as those living independently, can be included. The platform seeks to use musical mind activation to facilitate recreational activities, such as playing music together, that can ultimately help to reduce stress levels. The positive effects of music therapy, such as a reduced dependence on medication compared to those without access to it, have already been proven, particularly for patients with severe dementia.