KOMPASS – Electronic platform supports independent living in old age


With old age comes increasing limitations; age-related health issues can restrict the activities of the elderly. To allow senior citizens to live independently for as long as possible, the provision of local services is becoming increasingly important.


In a project for the City of Leipzig, Fraunhofer researchers are assisting the city with the development of the online portal www.kompass-leipzig.de that compiles information for the elderly and their relatives. Designed to provide a comprehensive overview of local services that cater specifically for senior citizens and disabled people, the portal focuses particularly on services in the social, medical treatment and prevention and home care sectors. This project, currently under development, is aimed at improving the quality of life of senior citizens and those who require assistance in looking after themselves.


In their capacity as the project's expert scientific partners, the Fraunhofer researchers are investigating how the portal can be designed with user and market orientation in mind to ensure the long-term sustainability of the service. The needs of the respective target groups were analyzed based on surveys carried out with senior citizens, their carers and the service providers who offer their services on the platform.


© Robert Kneschke/ Fotolia