Cultural Heritage in Crisis - German-Italian Scientific Symposium at Villa Vigoni


Given the already tangible impacts of climate change, it is important to develop and implement comprehensive policies and measures to protect cultural heritage in order to prevent major damage. Italy is at the forefront of European research in this field. Within the framework of the symposium, an intensive exchange of experience between leading experts from Germany and Italy is set to take place. The symposium will contribute to opening up synergies in cultural heritage research, discussing possible solutions, identifying research needs and integrating them into cultural heritage policy.

Project description:

The scientific symposium at Villa Vigoni will focus on the challenges for the protection of cultural heritage, posed by climate change. Among other things, the needs and possibilities of how the effects of climate change can be better understood with new digitization technologies and how these tools can help to develop suitable protective measures will be discussed.

The main topics of the symposium are:

  •     Effects of climate change - new challenges and solutions
  •     Digitization of cultural heritage - new technologies to preserve cultural heritage
  •     Cultural heritage and society - preservation and importance of cultural heritage
  •     Framework conditions for the protection of cultural heritage - policy and training

Our services:

The Innovation Acceptance unit is responsible for the content design and presentation of the topic "Value of the digitization of cultural heritage". Cultural heritage is addressed not only as an economic factor in the service of the constantly growing tourism sector, but also in its function as an identifying factor beyond national borders. Together with Fraunhofer ISC, Fraunhofer IMW is also responsible for organizing the symposium and editing the associated conference proceedings.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF

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Fraunhofer ISC

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Conference volume / 11.5.2020

Cultural Heritage in Crisis

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