TransferFinanz – Financing the Transfer of Research Findings into Applications with a Social Impact


In basic and applied research, important technical and conceptual conditions often emerge that could contribute to the solution of social challenges. Due to a lack of follow-up financing, however, these results are often not implemented. The benefit to society and the economy then fails to materialize.  

Project Description:

The project “TransferFinanz” aims to test research findings and technology with a potentially high social impact using participative financing instruments, such as crowdfunding. Through the early support of suitable projects, the transfer process of research institutes is to be accelerated. In this way, projects with high societal, social, cultural, or ecological relevance are funded.

Our Services:

Fraunhofer IMW manages the project and develops the respective methods and instruments through the guidance of selected applications in the Fraunhofer Society and experimentally in other extramural research institutes. Different scientific methods will be used, which includes qualitative interviews, participatory observation (action research), and design thinking within the scope of technical workshops.  

Project Partners:

Fraunhofer Institute for Biophysics IBP


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
DLR Projektträger e. V.

Project Duration:

01.05.2019 – 31.01.2023

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