Innovation Hub 13 - Governance Structure & Regional Funding Strategy Subproject


The close and reciprocal exchange between universities and business, cultural, and societal stakeholders is an important driver of innovation. To ensure that technological and social innovations from universities continue to be the driving force behind our future prosperity and quality of life, the Federal Government and the German States have adopted the »Innovative University« initiative to promote the research-based transfer of ideas, knowledge, and technology. The »Innovative University« funding initiative focuses on the »Transfer and Innovation« mission (the third in addition to »Research« and »Teaching«) and targets small and medium-sized universities as well as universities of applied sciences.


Project Description:

The »Innovation Hub 13 – fast track to transfer« project at the Technical University Wildau and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg is one of 29 selected projects for the federal-state funding initiative »Innovative University«, which will receive funding until 2022. In cooperation with various stakeholders in the region surrounding the A13 motorway between Berlin and Dresden, transfer scouts will serve as the link between universities and actors in business, society, and politics, ensuring improved transfers of knowledge and technology. Physical and digital showrooms, platforms such as Innovation Labs, and the use of testbeds will provide lasting support for this exchange. Scientists in accompanying research projects are simultaneously researching concepts to establish the Innovation Hub 13 as an important driving force. This includes Fraunhofer IMW's subproject on governance models and financing strategies for knowledge and technology transfer.

Our Services:

In addition to identifying examples of best practice and governance structures in the field of knowledge and technology transfer, Fraunhofer IMW's tasks include reviewing possible financing and continuity options, with the goal of developing the current network of capital providers and capital seekers by researching suitable financial incentive systems and possible alternative sources of financing such as crowdfunding for universities. The overall objective is to develop a better understanding of critical phases in the transfer process in order to close threatening financing gaps through timely or complementary measures.


TH Wildau, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Fraunhofer IAP, Leibniz IRS


Innovation Hub13 Coordination: TH Wildau and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

»Innovative University« funding initiative: BMBF

Project Duration:

1/1/2018 – 12/31/2022

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