Development of a “Regional Implementation Plan“ for the funding period of 2014-2020

Plan of action for the funding period of 2014-2020 within the context of the “SMART+” project

Commissioned by Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center  developed a plan of action for the funding period of 2014-2020. This plan of action presented relevant recommendations for action for Saxon decision-makers in the field of innovation policy in the Free State of Saxony, based on the results of the “SMART+” project. “SMART+” is a “mini” program that is being funded through the program for Interregional Cooperation Across Europe (INTERREG IVC) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). “Mini program” here means that the project itself worked like a small funding program that could set specific priorities within the defined scope and promote sub-projects. In particular, the project served to support innovations in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at a regional level.

At the “SMART+” concluding conference on 22 October 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain), the findings for the Free State of Saxony were presented.

For the Free State of Saxony, the “SMART+” project offered a directory of possible actions in its charter, which organized the most significant project findings and highlights the resulting recommendations. Based on this charter, the plan of action developed by the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center served to highlight action priorities to strengthen Saxony’s diverse small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It here addressed decision-makers at all levels and entities in the public sector in the Free State of Saxony, along with SMEs, heads of large businesses, representatives of industry and commerce, and both university and non-university research institutions.

The “SMART+” program contains seven regional sub-projects. The regional partner for Saxony was the municipal corporation Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH.

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