REGINA – Regional Value Chains for Organic Agricultural Products


In the course of social sustainability and environmental debates, the topic of "regionality of agricultural products" is increasingly attracting public interest. For Saxony, too, market and consumer studies show that regionality is a trend and that the purchase of regional foods is becoming increasingly relevant. Consumers trust the producing companies in their area, want to support the economy in the region and protect the environment by buying locally produced food.

Project description

In the future, digital marketing channels will also play an important role in strengthening the regionality of agricultural products and domestic marketing structures. However, at present the market for online food trade, which includes fresh produce, still seems to be at a very early stage and solutions are being sought for the organization of digital marketing channels.

The development and application of such a complex technological system for online food trade, integrated along the value chain, is being investigated in the REGINA project from the perspective of an organic model farm with direct marketing - the Biohof Barthel in Dommitzsch. The aim of the project is to analyze the prospects of success for implementing an online marketplace for regional food in Saxony.

Project tasks: 

The following steps of will be followed by the REGINA team:

  • Analysis of the current innovation ecosystem of the model farm Biohof Barthel with focus on the controlled organic meat and sausage products.
  • Description of an innovation ecosystem of the future for an online marketing of regional products and an ecological-agricultural model farm with regard to system- and decision-relevant production- and logistic processes
  • Evaluation of the economic viability (incl. ecological and social sustainability) of a realignment and digitalization of the production, logistics and marketing processes of the model farm in regional value chains for agricultural products.
  • Development of transferable and practical recommendations for action, presentation of opportunities and obstacles of a common network, data room and data applications for ecologically managed value networks.


Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Project partners

Biohof Barthel

Chemnitz University of Technology

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Recommendations for action for digital value creation processes in the regionally produced food sector

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