EU Plus - Interdisciplinary Research Partners for EU Projects

The European Union increasingly expects professional management, financing, marketing and communication strategies from potential partners and applicants. This is the case in order to ensure the economically successful use, and sustainable dissemination of, project results.

The Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy in Leipzig has accrued many years of experience as both an applicant and research partner for various transdisciplinary EU projects. As part of the interdisciplinary research partnership “EU Plus”, the Fraunhofer Center shares the relevant expertise of its employees with organizations and companies. The Fraunhofer experts have developed three customized science-based, socioeconomic modules that position projects within European funding programs and provide ongoing assistance with research and development during their implementation.

An Overview of the Services Offered by EU Plus

Science and Innovation Communications

This module places the target audience and demand-oriented communication of research topics at its center. It is based on a strategic approach, tailored to work for the project and its target groups. In cooperative projects, the EU togther with project partners, works to develop and implement knowledge transfer in the areas of:

  • “Communication”,
  • “Dissemination” and
  • “Exploitation”

Continuous Dialogue with Target Audience

The purpose of this module is to avoid lengthy and expensive mistakes surrounding the development of new technologies and services by establishing an early stage, informed dialogue with private stakeholders.


Access to Capital and Further Development of Innovative Financing Instruments

This module supports innovators to close funding gaps in the innovation process.

The focus areas include:

  • interactive funding workshops with partners of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, and
  • international investors.

To socioeconomically analyze innovative funding instruments and to further develop and expand the range of EU Plus.