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Fraunhofer Center Leipzig Publishes a Brochure with the Results of the Research on the Impact of Climate Change on Historical Buildings

With the brochure “Climate for culture – built heritage in times of climate change“, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig highlights the research results of the EU project Climate for Culture. Climate for Culture is a Fraunhofer Center Leipzig lighthouse project. Over the past five years, an international collaboration of 27 partners from 14 countries has examined the impact of climate change on the interiors of and art collections in historical buildings.

The brochure presents the results of the research project, best practice examples and innovative tools including potential adaptation strategies for historical buildings such as Neuschwanstein Castle or the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, a handbook for energy efficient air-conditioning or a software for the digitalization of analogue data in an illustrative way. The brochure can be downloaded for free from the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig website and the project website

The EU project Climate for Culture was jointly coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP and the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center Leipzig.

Fraunhofer Center Develops Model for Internal Electricity Consumption of Private Photovoltaic Systems

In collaboration with the Bosch Center for Research and Advance Engineering of Robert Bosch GmbH, researchers at Fraunhofer IMW have published a paper on the topic of internal electricity consumption by households with photovoltaic systems. The results are based on a thesis which was supervised by Professor Thomas Bruckner, Non-distinguished Fellow of the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig, and Hendrik Kondziella.

Technical Article on Innovative Business Models in the Energy System

In the November issue of the energy journal “BWK“ (“Journal for the Energy Market“), researchers from Fraunhofer IMW presented the IRPsim simulation model that they developed using the Industrial Works Basel (IWB) as an example. The software is intended to help IWB to develop into an innovative service provider for energy management. The Leipzig Fraunhofer Center presented the project in detail in its annual report 2014/15.

Link to BWK article (German only)

Annual Report 2014/15

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