Our mission:

The researchers at Fraunhofer IMW develop powerful and effective strategies, processes, and tools in order to: Facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between organizations, convert knowledge into innovative products and services, develop the right environment for innovation and knowledge transfer. The institute can look back on thirteen years of applied socio-economic research and experience in Leipzig. For the long-term success of customers and partners from business, industry, research and society, the Fraunhofer economists develop scientifically sound solutions for the challenges of globalization.

Research Units

Data Mining and Value Creation


Head of Project: Prof. Dr. Heiko Gebauer

Data Mining and Value Creation

Center for Economics of Material


Acting Head: Dr. Frank Pothen

Center for Economis of Materials

Research Units of the Corporate Development in International Competition Division


Acting Head of Unit: Dr. Marija Radić

Business Models: Engineering and Innovation Unit


Head of Unit: Dr. Marija Radić

Price and Service Management Unit


Head of Unit: Anzhela Preissler

Professional Development and Competence Management Unit

Research Units of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Division


Head of Unit: Annamaria Riemer

Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes Unit


Head of Unit: Dr. Robin Bürger

Innovation Financing Unit


Head of Unit: Dr. Friedrich Dornbusch

Innovation Policy and Transfer Design Unit


Head of Unit: Urban Kaiser

Innovation Acceptance Unit


Selected research projects of Fraunhofer IMW in the annual report 2018/19