Current Projects


Future Museum II: Relevance and Vision of Museums


FIUWA: Frugal innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southern African region


KERES – Protecting cultural heritage from extreme climate events and increasing resilience


CARE – Towards Circular Indonesian Agriculture: Promoting Rice Husk-to-Electricity for clean rural electrification


Concept Development for an Education and Training Programme in the Field of Cultural Heritage in Petra, Jordan


Leipzig as a Lighthouse City in: SPARCS – Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS


Cultural Heritage at Risk – impacts of climate change, opportunities of digitalization


YoU2 − Livable historic urban districts in Chiang Mai

Completed Projects


Watermanagement on the Philippines innovates


EVOBIO_Demo – Innovative biotechnological glycolic acid production from sewage sludge


MOBY – Living Lab Electro-Micromobility


CitizenSensor – cooperation models for collaborations between research institutions and community scientists


LignoLink – Development of a European research and innovation network in the field of wood-based bioeconomy


Cultural Heritage in Crisis – German-Italian Scientific Symposium at Villa Vigoni


Protecting Heritage with Fraunhofer Innovation – A Pilot Project


EFFESUS – Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts’ Sustainability


PROOF – Acceptance of decentralized urban power generation systems in Vietnam


Typha Bulgaria: an innovative, sustainable and insulating construction material made from bulrushes


Climate for Culture


PHOSPHORCYCLE – New ways of recovering critical raw materials such as phosphorus


Rural Heritage – Cultural heritage as a driver of sustainable development in rural areas


TREC-Danube: Linking of Leipzig Energy Cluster with the Danube region


Energy-efficient City: Spatial energy concept for Leipzig’s East


R&D Network Regional Energy Concepts in the Baltic Sea Region


Concept for the establishment of a regional energy agency




NANOMATCON – Multifunctional Nanoparticles and Materials Controlled by Structure


TASK – Terra- Aqua- and Site Remediation Centre of Competence Leipzig


Scientific support in the “Pilot Project for Increasing the Transfer“