Center for Economics of Materials CEM

Center for Economics of Materials CEM supplements the portfolio of Fraunhofer IMW

With applied, socio-economic research, the experts at Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW in Leipzig develop solutions for the long-term success of customers and partners from business, industry, research and society. In order to complement the portfolio of the Fraunhofer IMW and to bundle the competencies of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the fields of techno-economic and socio-economic research, the Center for Economics of Materials CEM in Halle, previously located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS, has now been transferred to the Fraunhofer IMW, which is a perfect fit in terms of expertise. With this affiliation, Fraunhofer also takes into account the special social significance of structural change in Central Germany.

Partners from industry and politics support the Center for Economics of Materials with the combination of materials science and techno-economic expertise, for example in the field of technology and regulatory impact assessment, sustainable value creation systems (Total Design Management) or global value chains (Global Value Chain Analysis). The systemic view of integrated value creation, development strategies in material processes and the relevant economic framework conditions are focused on here. Further research focuses on criticality analyses of raw materials and in particular materials, possibilities for their substitution, transformation impact research and the digitalization of materials and processes.



Study / 14.3.2022

Industry outlook 2030+: Automotive with focus on Eastern Germany

The study examines the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the automotive supply industry in Eastern Germany.

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Industry and Research Projects


Biwibi – Sustainable Combination of Renewable Energy Sources


Approaches to Shaping Structural Change towards a Sustainable Industrial Society

Cooperation with other research units at Fraunhofer IMW

  • Project Circonomy Hub Initial – Unit Business Models: Engineering and Innovation  


Publication Type
2022 Eco-labeling of freight transport services: Design, evaluation, and research directions
Kirschstein, Thomas; Heinold, A.; Behnke, M.; Meisel, F.; Bierwirth, C.
Journal Article
2022 Branchenausblick 2030+. Automotive mit Schwerpunkt Ostdeutschland
Viñallonga, Mar; Sanllorente, Antonia H.; Pothen, Frank; Doll, Claus; Grimm, Anna; Sievers, Luisa
2021 Platform and fine chemicals from woody biomass: Demonstration and assessment of a novel biorefinery
Nitzsche, R.; Gröngröft, A.; Köchermann, J.; Meisel, K.; Etzold, H.; Verges, Marlen; Bachmann, J.; Leschinsky, Moritz; Saake, B.; Torkler, Sandra; Rößiger, B.; Patzsch, Katja; Pufky-Heinrich, D.; Unkelbach, Gerd
Journal Article
2021 Engineering Biofunctional Enzyme-Mimics for Catalytic Therapeutics and Diagnostics
Tang, Qing; Cao, Sujiao; Ma, Tian; Xiang, Xi; Luo, Hongrong; Borovskikh, Pavel; Rodriguez, Raul D.; Guo, Quanyi; Qui, Li; Cheng, Chong
Journal Article
2021 A forward calibration method for analyzing energy policy in new quantitative trade models
Pothen, Frank; Hübler, Michael
Journal Article
2021 The Impact of Digital Technologies on How Companies Work: Results from an Interview Study
Leyh, C.; Becke, P.; Pentrack, M.; Bodenstein, B.
Conference Paper
2021 Wasserstoffperspektiven für Leipzig - Potenzialeinschätzung
Strecker, Daniel; Pothen, Frank; Gerhards, Christoph; Kirschstein, Thomas; Ilse, Klemens; Bard, Jochen; Plaisir, Marie; Naumov, Olga; Friedrich, Christoph
2021 Can smart policies solve the sand mining problem?
Hübler, Michael; Pothen, Frank
Journal Article
2021 Schrottbonus konkret. Instrumente für fairen Wettbewerb in den globalen Wertschöpfungsketten der Stahlherstellung und mikrostrukturierender Herstellungsverfahren
Pothen, Frank; Brock, Laura Victoria
2021 Temperature self-regulating flat electric heaters based on MWCNTs-modified polymers
Ali, Imran; AlGarni, Tahani Saad; Shchegolkov, Alexandr; Shchegolkov, Aleksei; Jang, Sung-Hwan; Galunin, Evgeny; Komarov, Fadey; Borovskikh, Pavel; Imanova, Gunel T.
Journal Article
2021 Kinetic modeling of the continuous hydrothermal base catalyzed depolymerization of pine wood based kraft lignin in pilot scale
Bernhardt, Justin; Rößiger, Björn; Hahn, Thomas; Pufky-Heinrich, Daniela
Journal Article
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